Saturday, December 19, 2020

Erase Aging


There is some point in life that you must make a decision—the decision on what you believe to be the best course of action for you to become younger and healthier for longer. Everything begins with belief. What you believe is the most powerful option of all.  Nobody can help you if you do not help yourself make that decision to believe.

Make that decision to change now—not tomorrow, or any time soon. If you keep on doing what you have been doing all your life, then you will continue to be what you have been for the rest of your life.  If you want to be younger and healthier for longer, you must make that decision to take appropriate action right now!

Your decision is present, so is your determination to succeed, no matter what. Make it your goal in life, not just a wish. There is a difference between a goal and a wish. Many people may wish for being younger and healthier for longer, but not too many actually see that happen to them, because they have never turned their wishes into goals. A goal is something realistic and achievable. A goal has a time frame, and is measurable in one way or another. On the other hand, a wish does not require commitment, energy or discipline. A wish is merely a thought. A wish alone, without action, will not make you younger and healthier for longer.

So, only you can be your own age eraser. Only you can make yourself younger and healthier for longer.

Of course, you need not look your age; that is to say, younger, and not older. You do not have to advance in lock-step with your years. Nothing is set in stones—not your biological age or your looks.  The health of your body cells determines your age, not the calendar. At the cellular level, nutritional deficiencies rob every cell in your body of the crucial minerals and nutrients it needs to keep you looking, feeling, thinking, and moving young. When it comes to aging, think cellular, not calendar!

Life-changing effects of aging, such as arterial disease, poor vision, debilitating arthritis and joint degeneration, chronic pain, prostate trouble, sexual dysfunction, osteoporosis, dementia, and many more are completely combatible, even reversible, once you give your body the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and other natural substances it needs to heal itself from within.

The mainstream's forever-young “solutions”—nip-and-tuck, pharmaceuticals for prostate, sexual dysfunction, bone disease—are merely band-aiding the symptoms of aging, but offering no miracle cures; Viagara® and Botox® will not bring back your youthfulness: they only temporarily mask the harsh realities of aging.

Aging is not just your physical appearance: it is your mind, your spirit, and your attitude. It is, in fact, everything about you! Yes, you could be your own worst enemy!

Stephen Lau
Copyright© by Stephen Lau

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Seniors Are the Santa Clause

 Seniors Are the Santa Claus

Today’s "new seniors" are so much different from their parents or grandparents in both attitude and behavior. Many of today’s older adults (regardless of their age) are quite removed from the stereotypical senior citizens of yesterday. According to U.S. News & World Report, "What is important about this generation is its difference, not only in size, but also in vitality and outlook."

“There are four stages to life: 1. As a child, you believe in Santa Claus. 2. Then, you don’t believe in Santa Claus. 3. As you age, you look like Santa Claus. 4. Finally, you “think” you are Santa Claus.” Anonymous

Golden Years and Santa Claus.

To many seniors, the meaning of “golden years” may mean doing nothing—basking in the warm sunshine on a beach, going to a teahouse every morning to have dim sum, and growing older and older until the ultimate end. To them, retirement is a predictable way of life—you just join the senior crowd, and grow old just like everyone else. 

Byr growing old is not that simple. Life is not simple, and has never been simple. Life is always unpredictable, with all the ups and downs. Living does not follow any predictable pattern, and that there is absolutely no roadmap to meet all the different life challenges. They are very much individualized. For one to survive, one needs to hold onto some basic life tools in the form of knowledge and information, as well as to make the best and the most of them in order to meet one’s many unique life challenges. Therefore, how others have solved their problems may not help you solve your own because you are walking on a life journey that is uniquely yours.

Life comes in different stages, and each stage is full of its own challenges. Growing up and growing old are two of the greatest challenges in life, because both of which require great courage to overcome uncertainties and fears of the unknown. Maybe growing up is less of a challenge compared to that of growing old, because the former has the luxury of time, while the latter has time constraint. If time is not for you, but against you, the challenge may seem even more daunting and insurmountable. In between these two major challenges, there is, of course, a host of other obstacles and problems. Life is not a bed of roses, and never meant to be one.

Living is all about struggling. The good news is that growing old is a human race in which there are no winners and no losers. No matter what, we all have to finish that race somehow, with no exception. Just do your best, and let God do the rest to help you finish your race with grace and dignity.

Many seniors wither away, like dead branches on a living tree. To many seniors, old age is growing older and getting more senile and decrepit with each day passing; it is a predictable pattern in the cycle of life. Indeed, many have seen their enthusiasm for life waning day by day. Those who live a purposeful and passionate life in their golden years, finishing strong and dying gracefully, are few and far between. How sad, and yet how true! But going through the golden years doesn’t have to be like that. Joy and aging can, surprisingly, go hand in hand, if you have the know-how. This book purports to provide you with information to help you do just that—living a joyous life in your golden years, full of meaning and purpose, just like Santa Claus.

Life is always a discovery process, even more so in the golden years. It is a journey of self-discovery—finding what you need, and finding ways to meet your needs, so that you can fulfill some of your life goals even in your golden years. Continue your aging with joy, finishing the last journey with grace and dignity. No matter how bumpy and hurtful this journey may become, make your golden years a time to laugh, rather than a time to weep and worry.

Michelangelo, the famous Italian painter and sculptor, once commented on his own aging: “Since life was such a pleasure, death coming from the same great source cannot displease us.” Maybe that is how you should view your own golden years ahead of you—a time for joy.

Stephen Lau
Copyright© by Stephen Lau

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Law of Attraction

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”  - Napoleon Hill

The wisdom is that an adversity may be a blessing in disguise. Worse, if one dwells on the adversity, one may attract more adversities.

The Law of Attraction is about energy attraction: positive energies attracting positive energies, and the same for negative energies. This revolutionary concept has been exponentially popularized by the film "The Secret" as well as by the bestseller book and other related publications across the Internet.

Is the Law of Attraction a myth of the mind or a reality in real life? Can the Law of Attraction really help your healing from rsdiseases and disorders?

Say, when an individual is diagnosed with cancer, that individual often becomes obsessed with anxiety about its treatment options as well as the prognosis of the disease. Obsession with cancer may internalize it into self-doubt and even fear. If an individual is preoccupied with the thought that breast cancer runs in the family, that individual may have predominant thoughts of cancer. Even "positive" thoughts, such as "I am not going to get breast cancer like my mother, my grandmother, or my sister" will only attract negative energy into that individual's life, because the mind only sees the word "cancer" and the "cancer fear" and nothing else. Just as a person buying a lottery ticket will not be attracting energy of abundance, because the mind is focusing on the lack rather than on the abundance, and thus attracting negative and not positive energy.

Once you have decided on what you want: a clean bill of health, you proceed to changing your thoughts and feelings. This may not happen right away, it may take time and effort to shift your thoughts, language, and emotions. Develop positive affirmations and self-suggestions to help you day in and day out. Keep the end in mind, that is, the core values in your life. Live everyday of your life in alignment with what you believe in Hold in your mind the ideal of the condition you wish to realize, the ideal reality you want to experience. The affirmation "I am whole and healthy .....I am loving and compassionate.....I am strong and powerful" holds the key to attaining natural health wisdom.

Abundance in natural health will not come to you out of the sky; neither will it drop into your lap. You must focus on the Law of Attraction and how you will bring this law to attract positive health energies. Make a powerful statement of intent to regain your natural health at all costs. Hold in mind the ideal condition you desire. Use a powerful affirmation and mental imagery to affirm it as an already existing fact until it is absorbed by your subconscious mind to give you the internal life energy.

Congratulations. You've Got Cancer: Learn how to use your mind to overcome the anxiety of a cancer diagnosis. Empower your mind to cope with cancer.

Stephen Lau
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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Drinks to Heal the Immune System

 Drinks to Heal the Immune System

Burdock and daikon drink

Burdock root has been used as both food and medicine in Asia and Europe for thousands of years. Recently, it has been used as a nourishing tonic for cancer, liver disease, and rheumatism. Burdock root is a staple diet of the Japanese, who are among the people with the longest lifespan in the world.

Fresh burdock root is available at many greengrocers, Asian supermarkets, and natural food stores in the United States.

Daikon is Japanese radish. Its phytochemicals have well-recognized healing and anti-carcinogenic properties:

It cleanses the blood (the kidneys).
It promotes energy circulation.
It increases the metabolic rate (a weight-loss remedy in Asia).
It treats hangovers.
It decongests the lungs, clears sore throat, colds, and edema.

The burdock and daikon drink can be taken any time, and as much as you like.


One burdock root (about 24 inches long)
One daikon with green tops
One small carrot with green tops.


Cut all ingredients into small pieces.
Place them in a pot with water double the volume of the ingredients.
Bring to a boil.
Pour out the content, and drink it.
You can repeat the process one more time. This time, after bringing it to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer it for another 20 minutes. Let the ingredients steep in the hot water for another 20 minutes before drinking it.

Four greens drink

Bitter melon, a popular Asian vegetable, is well known for blood glucose control. It contains a substance similar to bovine insulin, which has been shown in experimental studies to achieve a positive sugar regulating effect by suppressing the neural response to sweet taste stimuli.

Celery is a good source of insoluble fiber as well as essential nutrients, including vitamin C, calcium, and potassium. In addition, it may reduce blood pressure, and block cancer cells.

Cucumber has been associated with healing properties in relation to diseases of the kidney, urinary bladder, liver, and pancreas. In addition, cucumber juice is an excellent skin tonic.

Green pepper is loaded with vitamin C (a potent antioxidant) and beta-carotene (to prevent cataracts).

Make the nutritious four greens drink by juicing them in approximately equal portions. Drink immediately.

Pine needles drink

Pine needle drink is a perfect drink made from evergreen pine needles. Select your pine needles by picking the newest green ones from a pine tree. Wash the pine needles thoroughly. Put them in a cloth bag, and steep it in a pot of boiling water—if you don’t use a cloth bag, then strain the needles before drinking. Cover and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Pine needle drink is loaded with vitamin C and other nutrients to offer the following benefits: eyesight; fatigue; heart disease; kidney ailments; sclerosis (inflammatory nerve disorder); and varicose veins.

Stephen Lau

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Monday, December 14, 2020

Anything Is Everything

Anything Is Everything

Living in this material world is all about struggling and surviving. The good news is that it is a human race in which there are really no real winners and losers in the end. But no matter what, we all have to finish that race somehow, with no exception. Just do your very best, and let the Creator do the rest to help you finish your own race with grace and dignity. The wisdom of your body, your mind, and your spirit may awaken and rejuvenate you along the rest of your life journey.

Living is always a discovery process. Life is a journey of self-discovery—finding who you are, why you are here, what you really need, and how you may meet your basic needs, so that you, like every one else, can fulfill some of your life goals and purposes that are exclusively designed for you. But to do just that, you need profound human wisdom and spiritual wisdom to continue that journey as if everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein once said: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is a miracle.”

Indeed, life is a miracle in itself. Being alive is a miracle. Having your breaths is already a miracle. Everything in life is a miracle.

To truly believe and appreciate the miracle of life, you need the wisdom to grasp the full meaning of anything is everythingeverything is nothing, and nothing is everything—they may all ultimately lead to your self-awakening, without which you will continue to live as if nothing is a miracle.

What is meant by “anything is everything”? It may have different meanings and different interpretations to different individuals.

First of all, human perceptions are subjective and individualized: they are affected not only by the five senses, but also by the unique experiences of an individual, as well as by the indelible memories of those experiences retained in the mind of that individual. Therefore, what is important to you may not be as important to others, and vice-versa. For this reason, anything could be everything to you, but not to others.

An illustration

Near the end of 2016, a road rage occurred in Arkansas that ended in the tragic death of a 3-year-old child. 

A woman, with her 3-year-old grandson sitting at the back of her car, stopped at a stop sign. A man in the car right behind honked her for not starting her car immediately, but the woman honked back; thus the road rage began with the man firing a gun shot at the back of the woman’s car.

Stopping too long at a stop sign,  or wanting to get to a place on time might be everything to the man. Having the right to remain where she was might also be everything to the woman, so she naturally honked back.  

Unfortunately, that anything-is-everything incident ended in tragedy—the death of the woman’s three-year-old grandson being shot dead while sitting at the back of her car.
In real life, anything could be everything to real people—it all depends on their respective perspectives of anything is everything.

A frog in a well

In many ways, many of us are just like a frog in a well, looking up at the limited sky above, in that we see only ourselves, and no one else, and therefore anything is everything to us. In other words, we see only our own needs and desires that have to be fulfilled and gratified no matter how, but without seeing those in others.

Just like the man in the car rage who saw only his own need to get going, but without even considering why the woman might be stalling her car at the stop sign and not moving ahead right away.

To get your paperback copy, click here; to get your e-book, click here.

Stephen Lau
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Sunday, December 13, 2020

The Happiness Wisdom

The Happiness Wisdom

By Stephen Lau

Americans report that they are not very happy in their day-to-day life and living; evidently, something is missing for most Americans. One of the objectives of this book is to address this issue of unhappiness that may have an impact on their overall health and well-being.

Another objective of this book is to help people develop their own recipes for happiness through looking at ancient wisdom from the East and the West, conventional wisdom, and spiritual wisdom.

THE HAPPINESS WISDOM is a 161-page book:

All about . . . .

Unhappiness is no respecter of persons, whether you are rich or poor, young or old, wise or unwise.

The continuous quest for happiness is elusive and evasive, just like chasing the wind, unless wisdom is present.

Avoiding unhappiness is self-delusional, an unrealistic approach to attaining happiness.

Happiness and pleasure are life experiences to be enjoyed, cherished, and remembered -- but they do not last forever.

Happiness and unhappiness are only a state of mind-a uniquely subjective perception of an individual.

Happiness is contentment and satisfaction: contentment from getting all the basic needs, and satisfaction from getting some of the wants in life. Therefore, knowing the needs and the wants is important.

Unhappiness is only a personal perception that life is not really what it should be to that individual.

Any new life experience -- perceived through the five senses and then processed by the thinking mind, with attitudes and prejudices, as well as with beliefs and emotions, formed from past life experiences -- now become the new “reality” and just another new “thought” for the thinking mind.

You think and you become what you think, and that is your reality, which is often distorted and unreal, except in your own thinking mind. Therefore, be aware of the presence of your subconscious mind, which is often making decisions for you and on behalf of you. Be wise, and don’t let your subconscious mind control your conscious mind.

All your life experiences are real to you; how you perceive and process them may positively or negatively affect how you live your life. Because they are stored in your subconscious mind, they may give you valuable life lessons, making you happy, or create delusions and self-deceptions that may not only confuse you but also lead you astray, making you unhappy. Get the wisdom to separate the truths from the half truths or the myths.

Wisdom is asking self-intuitive questions about whatever you experience in life, probing into the truths of all the so-called  "realities" perceived by your mind. Enlightenment is asking no more questions, because you already have got all the answers.

People cannot make you happy, unless they consciously choose to do so.

To be truly happy, you must think outside the bounds of conventional wisdom. You must have an empty mindset not just to think out of the box of conventional thinking, but also to create your own box of beliefs and thinking.

Spirituality is a personal relationship with God through self-awareness, and a deep longing for the soul alignment with the Creator. It requires quality time, deliberate effort, and right doing, including love and compassion for others.

Everything that happens in your life is about YOU, and not about someone else. So, only YOU can create your own happiness recipe. 

Happiness is about doing -- doing things to yourself as well as to others, based on the five major ingredients: loveforgivenessgratitudecompassion, and letting go.

In addition to choosing the ingredients, you should know the methods of applying those ingredients to your recipe. There are basically only two: human wisdom, and spiritual wisdom.

Human wisdom shows you how to think: who you really are, not who you wish you were; how and why your perceptions may change the realities that ultimately affect your life choices and decisions, making you happy or unhappy. Happiness is no more and no less than perceptions by the human mind. Human wisdom is right thinking, leading to right doing to create the right happy life experiences.

Spiritual wisdom provides strength and guidance for right thinking by the human mind. Spiritual wisdom may not only transform but also enlighten you to become a better and happier individual.

Stephen Lau

The Aging Myths and Truths


The Aging Myths and Truths

You inevitably feel much older as you continue to advance in years. The truth is that, according to a 2009 Pew Research survey, many seniors feel that they are as many as 10 to 19 years younger, not older, than their chronological age.

Dementia is inevitable in your life. But dementia is only one of the many symptoms of the Alzheimer’s disease. If you do not have the disease, you may only have some senior moments, which are just your momentary memory lapses. Use it or lose it. If you use and exercise your brain on a regular basis, you will have fewer senior moments. Of course, if you do have the Alzheimer’s disease, then it is something else.

You can no longer exercise your body and mind as you continue to advance in years, reaching your 50s, 60s, and beyond. Nothing is further from the truth. It is never too late to exercise, despite your aches and pains. As a matter of fact, immobility only aggravates muscle weakness and inflexibility, and thus creating a vicious circle of inactivity and pain.

If you think you are too old to give up your nicotine, think again! Research studies have indicated that most seniors are able to give up their lifelong habit of smoking in their senior years.

You can never teach an old dog new tricks. Scientists have found that the cognitive reserve in the human brain enables learning new things in the latter half of life. Whether or not you wish to continue to empower your mind with new knowledge in your senior years is your personal choice, and it has little to do with your mind power or your age.

Women in senior years are more likely to develop depression than men do. According to National Women’s Health Resources, many women in their senior years become more adventurous and more ready to look for new opportunities in life than men do. It is also a myth that depression will impair an aging body and mind. The truth of the matter is that depression is only a treatable medical condition. So, do not stigmatize yourself!

Old people all think alike. But this is just an old way of thinking. Do you really think like your parents or grandparents did? 

The Positive Facts about Aging

If you are over 65, you belong to the 10 percent of the U.S. population heading toward longevity. So, just continue to forge ahead with your healthy lifestyle to remain younger and healthier for longer!

Only 5 percent of individuals over 65 are confined to an institution for seniors. So, being healthier for longer assures you that you will not be one of them!

About 95 percent of individuals over 65 are still healthy without chronic health problems. If you are one of them, good for you! So, continue your healthy lifestyle!

Cognitive function does not decline dramatically with age. Many seniors are still capable of learning new skills and acquiring new information. In general, your ability to learn new things is affected not so much by your age as by your desire to learn them. So, keep up with your desire, and not just survive but thrive in this world of information and technology! This will keep you mentally fit and alert for longer.

Your physical strength is maintained from your biological maturity until around age 60. But physical strength and body mass are more related to diseases and health than to your number of years. So, continue to exercise to maintain your physical strength and muscles. Use it or lose it!

The bottom line: Western cultures perpetuate the perceptions and the negative stereotypes of the elderly. If you can believe in the positive facts about aging, as well as remove all the negative stereotypes and myths about aging, you are well on the way to the sunny side of your senior years.

Subjective Perception

Feeling about getting old is no more than a subjective perception of self. It is always the “glass is only half full or only half empty” attitude of looking at life. More specifically, it is how you view your own life “in the eyes of the beholder” who is you—just as author Oscar Wilde once said: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

If you have strong self-efficacy, which is your self-belief, you will retain control of your life at any age; you will feel capable and competent to seek any opportunity to improve your life. More importantly, you will overcome worry, which is self-disabling and self-destructive pessimism common in the elderly. According to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health, Americans are pessimistic about their health. To illustrate, according to the study, 40 percent of Americans believed they would get breast cancer at some point in their lives, but only 10 percent actually got the disease. A case in point, actress Angelina Jolie had her breasts removed out of her belief in the reality of becoming yet another breast cancer victim.

Book of Aging and Revelation

Stephen Lau

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