Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Liver Health Is Super-Aging Health

 Liver Health Is Super-Aging Health

Liver is one of the most important organs of your body. It affects your brain, your heart, your digestive system, and even your sex life. The reason is that the liver not only metabolizes your sugar and protein, but also stores your body's nutrients and hormones.

Your liver health is important given that the liver performs a unwanted host of metabolic and regulatory functions throughout your complex body system.

Overeating is the worst enemy of your liver. Do not overeat. Do not eat between meals, especially when you are not hungry.

Alcohol is not a friend of your liver, especially if you drink excessively. Alcohol takes a heavy toll on your liver, making it work extra hard to detoxify.

Avoid saturated fats and sugars in your diet because they not only make you become overweight but also overload your liver and gallbladder, predisposing them to the formation of gallstones, which further damage your gallbladder, pancreas, and liver.

Re-hydrate yourself to avoid constipation and facilitate kidney elimination.

Avoid constipation: eat a lot of fiber.

Eat healing foods that help you detoxify: beet, brown rice, burdock, ginger root, and legumes.

Avoid chemicals in your foods, such as artificial sweeteners, food colorings, food emulsifiers, and food preservatives. In other words, stay away from supermarket processed foods. Also, go organic as much as possible to avoid pesticides and other chemicals.

The liver is called "liver" because it is a reflection of how well you "live." A healthy lifestyle produces a healthy liver. Detox your body naturally.

A healthy liver is a sign of super-aging health. Get your Fatty Liver Diet Guide to overcome any liver disease you may have. Statistics taken from 2007 health survey show millions of Americans have fatty liver disease in a certain degree and don't have a clue about it. Research also shows that there has been an alarming increase of Americans having an elevated level of fat in the liver in the past decade. The Fatty Liver Diet Guide is not just a hyped-up product like the vast majority of products out there; it is an easy 4-step process that has worked for hundreds of fatty liver disease patients. The author has worked with hundreds of fatty liver disease patients.

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